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Bunga Lawang
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Bunga Lawang

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Friday, 2-Oct-2009 03:20
My Beading Collection
These are the beading work in my modest collection:

1) Dazzle Daisy
Inspired by Dazzle Daisy by Nora Manik design. (http://noramanik.fotopages.com/?entry=1917140)
I asked my sister, Adawiyah (she's studying at UTP), to do the beading on this green baju kurung for 1st day of Raya. She also did the same design on our mom's baju kurung. What makes it so special is the drop stones used on my baju are glass stones (hand cut, made in Czech Republic). Since 1 package only has 20 stones, so 1 sleeve is limited 10 stones only. The middle of the flower is 6mm Swarovski facetted round crystal.
Material used:
1) Topaz Drop glass stones - 20 pieces (not in product list yet) - can be replaced with acrylic drop stones 8x13mm size.
2) 6mm Swarovski facetted round crystal - 2 pieces (not in product list yet)
3) YH14 (chartreuses SL) - 1 x 10g pack
4) YH1005 (med brown SL AB) - 1 x 10g pack (only use a little)

2) Bunga Lawang
This is for 2009 Aidilfitri. Inspired by Nora's Bunga Lawang design, it took me 2 days (on-off) to complete the embroidery on the sleeves . I especially love the purple beads. When I wore this dress on the 2nd day of raya at my kampung, all my aunts admired this design and they bought the round beads from my mom immediately so that they can sew on their baju kurungs. My mom even asked me to sew this design on her baju kurung .
Material used:
1) YR1347 (purple Dyed SL) - 1 x 10g pack
2) YR1003 (med gold SL AB)- 1 x 10g pack
3) 4mm orange Japanese Metallic Pearl - 20 pieces (not in product list yet)

3) Half Stars (very old baju)
I started to sew the beads on this baju kebaya when Nora had a first class (one of the students was Aisyah, Nora SIL), at her home back then in 2006. I was just "menumpang" the class while delivering the beads to Nora. It didn't finish that day and it was abandoned for nearly a year. I finished it at Ija Manik-manik class nearly a year later. I made so many mistakes in this design but I learn a lot on what should be done and what to avoid. My beading has improved a bit since then. The highlight of this design is the manggis purple beads which are DYED SL finish (YH1342). I wore this baju kurung almost every week back then (for nearly a year), and hand washed the baju. The dyed purple color only slightly faded over the years. I love MIYUKU Dyed SL beads - brilliant colors and very durable for hand wash (don't dry clean them).

4) Sequins Flowers
My 2nd attempt on sequin flowers (1st attempt on the unfinished SF). Last minute project to attend RJ's Sulaman Manik contest in April 2009. Just imagine at 7pm, I was still struggling to finish the embroidery at a cafe in Amcorp Mall. Notice the glass pearls used in the middle big flowers. Compared the glass pearl colors on the sleeves (pink) and on the body (yellow). Which one do you think looks better? I prefer the yellow pearls, contrasting with the pink flowers.

5) Gold Kebaya
Done by Nora in 2006 because I really heart the tocang design (one of the famous design back then) but I failed to produce a good quality embroidery. As a last resort, I asked Nora to do it on the sleeves of my gold kebaya. And I asked her to add any design to cover the body.

6) Pua version Sallybeads
I love the simplicity of Sallybeads' Pua version. So I duplicate on my own baju kurung (which only finished 1 sleeve due to my laziness). Then my officemate begging me to do some last minute beading on her kebaya because she would be a bridesmaid during xmas 09 wedding. So I suggested to her this design coz the kebaya skirt has checkered design. By the way, my sis completed 75% of the embroidery and I finished the rest. The challenge in this design is in setting the alternate color beads so that the same color won't meet at the end (means if I start with pink, I need to end with brown, to meet the pink again). TQ Sally.

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